24-7 Prayer Space

We exist to encourage & equip people to go from monologue to dialogue with God - The kind of authentic, adventurous, soul-transformational dialogue that fuels really close friendship with God - The kind of dialogue that puts communion back into communication with God - The kind of communication that influences & empowers all our conversations with the rest of the world.

Our mission is to help get people praying like this – everyone: the entire city, entire congregations, groups of all kinds, & individuals from all over the spiritual map. Those distant from God who may have never prayed before, & those not so distant, but who need help going from prayer hobby or prayer habit... to prayer life.

What is the 24-7 Prayer Space?
Greensboro 24-7 is a local group that organizes week-long, non-stop prayer events in creative, Sacred Spaces where people of God make a commitment to gather, to seek, to listen, and to intercede for the church, the city, and the world. Weaving, painting, collaging, inscribing, incense and candle-lighting, reading, singing, listening: multi-sensory aesthetic and creative opportunities are purposefully incorporated into each Sacred Space. The result is a place of respite from the loud rush of the world, a place to engage with the Divine, and space to begin to hear again. Learn more about 24-7 Greensboro here!

Here's some photos!

24-7 Values
We're committed to these values. They are strongly held globally at all leadership levels. 

  1. Obedient to the Holy Spirit – Like Jesus, we only seek to do what we see the Father doing. We acknowledge His right to break our rules & offend our sensibilities.
  2. Relational – We're a community of friends with shared vision & values, driven by friendship rather than function.
  3. Indigenous – We respect, value & honor cultural diversity.
  4. Inclusive – We work with anyone, provided they share our vision & values, regardless of race, age, gender or church background. We build unity & enjoy diversity.
  5. Like Jesus – We seek to be like Jesus in the way we do what we do.
  6. Deeply rooted – We're committed to growth in maturity rather than size.
  7. Creative & innovative – We embrace God-inspired creativity as integral to authentic expressions of prayer.
  8. Just – We pursue justice & freedom from oppression for humanity & the created world.
  9. Good Stewards – We take responsibility for ourselves, those around us, & the things God has entrusted to us.
  10. Sacrificial – We believe a lifestyle of prayer is costly at every level.
  11. Celebratory – We believe Jesus came to bring life to the full & that we have a Christian duty to celebrate all that is good. Fun & laughter are central to 24-7, & we do not need to justify these.
  12. Raw & simple – 24-7 is a network of like-minded souls more passionate about developing people rather than our own profile.