For Nonprofits

Over the past two decades, several nonprofit ministries have emerged in our community as people of faith listen to God's call in their lives and then respond to the needs of others in the community. The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro nurtures a generation of Christian leadership as the curricula explores an inward journey of personal transformation and the outward journey of sacred service. Creative new nonprofits have emerged in our local community as practical measures that shape our future in accordance with God's dream.

Some of these local nonprofits include: The Beloved Community Center (social justice); Higher Ground (community for people affected by HIV/AIDS); The Chaplain Program at Greensboro Urban Ministry; Healing Ground (day retreat center for spiritual renewal); Mary's House (for women and children caught in addiction); Partnership Village Tutoring Program (twice a week tutoring for formerly homeless children); the Servant Center (serving disabled vets); Jericho House (transitional housing for men coming out of prison).