Co-Creation 2014

We look forward to your presence with us at Co-Creation 2014. 

If you are seeking inspiration and guidance for your inward and outward journey, and if you are searching for connections with others who dream of a new creation, this is where you need to be May 1-3.

We know that you will be inspired by our gifted speakers - Cynthia Bourgeault, Phyllis Tickle and Jon Wortmann - and by our Storytellers, who will share brief accounts of their journeys of call and compassion. 

We trust you will be folded into a loving community through shared spiritual practices, opportunities for conversation, and worship in the Taize and Wisdom traditions.

Our hope is that, together, we will engage in imagining how we can become co-creators - with God and with one another - of a world defined by God’s love for all creation.